Character Interview

I have seen a few things around this week where people are ‘interviewing’ their characters and it seemed like a fun idea, I know Fallon so well, now you can too, so here goes!  *Spoilers if you haven’t read both books!!!* 

  1. What is your full name – Fallon Margaret Hagarth-Smythe nee Magee, I think some people still know me as Magee.
  2. What is your eye colour – Ha, I have one blue and one brown, Heterochromia!
  3. What is your Nickname – Button, not the biggest fan of it to be fair, but its grown on me this past couple of years
  4. Do you have a birthmark or scar – I have a scar on my forehead, from when I was a kid and I cracked my head open.
  5. Who is your best friend – Oh controversial, if my husband is reading this its him, otherwise Joe is my best boy friend and Lola is my best girl friend… It depends on the situation, some things I would only discuss with the hubby and some I wouldn’t dare speak to a boy about, but then some days only my Joe can help.  I am very close to both of them and obviously the hubby.
  6. Where were you born – I was born on an Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas, but we moved to the UK when I was small and so I don’t remember being there at all.
  7. Where do you go when you are angry – Oh there’s a good one, I don’t go anywhere I let loose on whoever has made me angry, but it doesn’t happen that often, I’m a big old bottler up and generally my darling gets the grief when it isn’t even usually him that causes the anger.
  8. What is your biggest fear – That I will fail as a wife and mother, I used to bottle that too, but I learnt recently to put things there on the table for your loved ones to see…and fish, I am really bloody scared of fish.
  9. Do you have a secret – Nothing of any great importance, not anymore.
  10. What makes you laugh out loud – Oh a lot of things, people falling over, my children, my family and friends. I do love a good dirty joke, I laugh a lot of the time, my sister in law sends me joke emails every day and I can often be discovered almost falling off my chair laughing.  But most of all it has to be videos on YouTube, have you seen the one of the guy trying to eat a tomato hanging from the ceiling through a fan? I almost wee every time.
  11. Have you ever been in love – Have I ever, I am very much so, more than I ever thought you could be.  My husband is the kindest, sweetest and goofiest man I ever met, also he is gorgeous, I mean like movie star gorgeous and for some reason he likes his little dumpy redhead.
  12. Whats in your fridge – Um I know theres yoghurt and fruit, Abner cooks…
  13. Whats on the bedroom floor – At least one pair of shoes, only on my side of the bed, I married a neat freak
  14. What shoes are you wearing right now – Well it’s a day off, so I am in a pair of silver glittery Converse, because I am a very mature married mother of two
  15. What do you remember from your childhood kitchen – Oh I remember the smell of tea in a pot, something cooking and the radio on in the background.  It was the same at my Grannies kitchen over in Ireland, she held court at the head of the kitchen table, a metal teapot balanced on a ring switched down to low and steeping all day long.
  16. What do you consider your greatest achievement – I think my family, marrying Abner and having James and Edie has definitely been the achievement of which I am most proud
  17. What is your idea of perfect happiness – What I have comes close, but I don’t think there is such a thing as perfect happiness, my friend Calvin would need to be here for that to come close.
  18. What is your current state of mind – Good, happy and content
  19. What is your most treasured possession – My marriage certificate, proves he’s mine
  20. Who is the greatest love of your life – My three, my husband, son and daughter
  21. What is your favourite journey – The journey home from a day at work, usually the two of us on the tube, because it means we get to see the kids
  22. What is your most marked characteristic – Physically its my eyes, but as a person I like to think I am generous.
  23. When and where were you the happiest – The Portland Hospital, November 11th 2009 and May 9th 2011. Oh and Hagarth Hall June 21st 2009. My son, my daughter, my husband.
  24. What is it that you most dislike – I could be deep and say war and suffering.  My far more shallow response is Mushrooms and Fish
  25. What is your greatest extravagance – The mortgage on this house, I’m not really extravagant.  Oh I do spend lots on shoes and bags…
  26. Which living person do you most despise – I don’t think I do, not a fan of Abners ex Fiance but I don’t despise anyone.
  27. What is your greatest regret – Wasting time, over the few years since we met, I wasted time with Abner, time we spent apart and that is my biggest regret, it could have all been so different and yet still its wonderful.
  28. Which talent would you most like to have – I wish I could dance, not be twirled around, but learn an actual routine to a song.  Have you heard Gangnam style?! I want to do the wobbly legs to that song.
  29. Where would you like to live – I love where I live, central enough for amenities and enough space for the family, but I wouldn’t mind trying NYC out still.  Shh don’t tell him.
  30. What is the quality you most like in a man – Hmm.  Shallow – I like blondes with blue eyes and nice bottoms  Deep – Someone who is loving and gives, who would be willing to sacrifice anything for his family.
  31. What trait do you most deplore in yourself – I’m far too pessimistic
  32. What trait do you most deplore in others – Liars, cheats and liars, I have no time for people who do those things.
  33. What do you value most in your friends – It used to be because they didn’t push me, now it’s the opposite, oh and how they love my babies
  34. What do you consider your most overrated virtue – People seem to think I am really sweet, not blowing my own trumpet either, they say it. ‘Oh Fallon is just so lovely and kind’  I can be a right cow when I want to be, ask Abner
  35. On what occasions do you lie – When Abner asks me how much my new handbag cost, or did I buy myself stuff and not just the kids…Not harmful lies
  36. Which words or phrases do you most overuse – All of them? I say LOL as if it’s a word not a text thingy, I probably use most phrases too often, I talk a lot.
  37. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be – I would be taller, vain I know, but at my height I’m a foot below my husband and I look ridiculous.
  38. Who is your hero from literature – Theodore Lawrence, he didn’t do anything particularly heroic except cajole Jo (My heroine from literature) to be who she became and I have loved him since I first read the book.
  39. What are your favourite names – Theres loads, Top Three – Abner, James and Edie – Tied for first place, no particular order (except oldest first lol)
  40. What is your motto – All you need is love (I think I stole it from The Beatles)

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