The end is nigh

So the worlds going to end on 21st huh? Have they specified how? I mean do I start buying rations in case we make it, or do I need to ramp up my list of things to do before I’m thirty to a list of things to do before I die?  Should I have bothered Christmas Shopping? I’ve spent a fortune and now I realise I could’ve invested it all in pre-apocalyptic joy, seeing films I’ve never seen or reading books I’ve never read, using up my holiday time and living a bit more before I’m not living at all.  It’s strange to think that in two weeks it might be over, mainly because I don’t think it will be, so the Mayans didn’t make a calendar past 21/12/12, I haven’t refreshed the diary pages in my filofax for two years, the world didn’t end then did it?  Here I am, sarcastically blogging about the end being nigh when in reality the end came two years ago for my teal book of dates.  I’m committing to it not ending and 2013 being the year I make something of myself, whether its climbing the ranks of my office (pretty much nowhere to go til someone retires) or getting recognition as a writer, meeting my very own Abner and settling down or running away and experiencing the world, I’ve pretty much decided that the end of the world could just be the beginning of mine…


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