Salvation in Strangers

Lately, well I haven’t been at my top, my writing isn’t really going anywhere, I can’t get away from certain aspects and so I just keep re-writing stuff I know I wont use (and therefore adding it here on the old blog) there has been salvation in the strangest of places, not the people I see every day, but the ones I haven’t ever met. I joined a Facebook group, Chick-Lit Goddesses (presumptuous that I’m honourable enough I know) and was accepted, from there I have forged bonds with several of the other writers, people who type a little comment when I need it, or tweet me some news, people who have read my book and reviewed it (when people I see all the time have yet to do so) and in doing so, they make my day a lot (not a little) brighter.

I haven’t claimed to be a talented writer, but I maintain I am a writer, I don’t claim be successful, but there is success in my sales figures, even if they are all on Free Promo days, the Goddesses and my Twitter community don’t care, they like my writing, or they like me, or they don’t, but what they do, is unilaterally support me and one another within the community.

So yes, when you are a small child and you are walking home from school, beware of strangers, but if one offers you a virtual olive branch on Facebook or Twitter and looks safe enough, go on and accept, it could make life lots better.


4 thoughts on “Salvation in Strangers

    • Thank you Samantha, I feel very passionately about the friendships I’ve been making on Chick Lit Goddesses, there’s some beautiful writer souls out there and the connection is invaluable x

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