Try a little tenderness

I’m going to start off this post by saying that I’m peeved to say the least, we’re 17 days into a new year, a year full of possibilities, a year in which I have simple hopes that go a little something like this.
a) I never want to hear the words School Shooting uttered again, ok in reference to times passed then yes, I appreciate it, but for the future, no new ones.  That’s not asking much? Just a general shift in humanity.
b) I want to turn thirty in December and really feel like I’ve done something with the prior thirty years, achieved something.
c) I generally just want people to be nicer, not use me, not abuse me, treat me right.

So imagine how I feel when a fellow author friend sends me a message about a cruel review of her book.  Yes. We read things we don’t like, so whack a small star review on it and be done, do not write cruel things.  Personally I read of my writing that it was Atrocious, that the story was good but that my writing is horrible.  I have a style. I argued with teachers in school to be able to write how I do without being told off, creatively, surely imposing a structure beyond basic language is going against creativity.  I write dialogue, I don’t care what shade of orange the leaves falling from the trees outside a frosted autumn window in a gently flowing breeze are, I want to know how my characters feel, what they’ve got to say. Its my style. Don’t like it? Fine. Go read one of the world’s top books FSOG in which a woman wrapped copious sex scenes around badly written prose the way Anastasia wrapped her arms around her Mercurial man as her Inner Goddess tutted from her chaise long. People bought the books for the sex, the romance, not the chance that the author would become the new Jane Austen. (How many times does she need to use the word Mercurial?)

People should know, putting pen to paper or fingers to keys is not simply an act, it doesn’t just spill out of your mind. Its a craft, it takes time to create a world and lives, its not easy, its not something Anyone can do.  Sure I firmly believe everyone has a book in them, more maybe, but they might need a ghost writer to get it out.  There’s more to a book than commas and full stops. Sure it has to make sense and I admit I need an editor for Forgotten because I can’t see outside a story to see those things.  Ill admit my writing can be rough, I never claimed to be a queen of prose, I tell a story.

So if you’re reviewing a book on Amazon or goodreads (most don’t bother) spare a thought for the writer, who opened their heart and bore a little of their soul so you could or could not enjoy their book. And remember, we don’t all have a taste for marmite, so why would you expect to like every single book you pick up!