A New Year. A New Frontier?

laviebohemelil.jpgWow, I haven’t blogged since December 7th, last year…Sounds dramatic I know, but then you think, it’s only January 8th this year.

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Feliz Navidad, Bon Noel….etc (excuse spelling etc…)

So its officially THAT year, yes, THAT year, the one in which alledgedly (or if you have any of my legal documentation) I will be turning Thirty. I blogged about this before, the things to do before list, which to be honest, I haven’t worried about too much, a lot of that list was trivial and as I am now a 29 year old responsible adult (when did that happen?!) I cant be bothering myself with worries of such things. I do however have a list, in my head I might add, of things I want to achieve this year, some of which may be private and never outspoken, or trivial, but to me, turning thirty in less than 11 months has made me think of 2013 as a year for action.

Step One – Take better care of myself.
I will join the gym, when my financial issues are sorted, I hate money. I will go as often or seldom as I choose, secretly I have these visions of being really good and becoming very fit quickly, the reality is more likely me looking like a whale in lycra on a spinning machine (I was as horrified as the next girl when I realised that spinning isn’t SPINNING. I mean I thought I would twirl with my arms out, switching occasionally to avoid dizzyness). I don’t care what the others think, really, no honestly, ok I care a bit, but fuck them (excuse my french)

Step Two – Use new found gym confidence to begin to find my Abner. He may be called Barry or something else, I dont care, but he has to BE an Abner, basically a sweetheart with long fingers…and sex hair, even when he hasn’t had sex.

Step Three – Use my new found love interest
For basically anything, carrying my shopping, inspiration to write, slave….Ok, I’m joking about this one, mostly….

Basically when the clock strikes midnight and December Sixth rolls in, I do not want to be simply the person I am as I write this, I want to be the person I want to be as I write this…